7 Days in Porto Heli

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7 Days in Porto Heli

A hidden gem of the Peloponnese, Porto Heli is a small town on the northeastern part of the Peloponnese on the so called “Greek Riviera” it’s ideal for travellers wishing to explore, be adventurous or just relax, sunbathe and enjoy the Greek summer sun.

Porto Heli is a small town built on the ancient ruins of Alieis a fisherman’s town that goes back to 468BC. The town is built around a harbour, one of the largest and most cosmopolitan natural harbours in Greece. Porto Heli’s ideal location is perfect for visiting other nearby towns and islands. Book your next summer vacation in Porto Heli and be sure to fill your days with fun and adventurous activities.

Day 1

Porto Heli is known for its beautiful turquoise beaches, with all the comforts you may need, sun-beds, water sports, beach bars and more. Choose your favourite and spend a day at the beach relax and begin your vacation. Some good choices are: Hrisi Akti, Kosta and Limanakia. Have fun trying out different water-sports: water skiing, parasailing maybe even scuba diving! Dine at any of the numerous traditional taverns and be sure to try kiladiotikes garides a traditional shrimp platter.

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Day 2

Porto Heli is an ancient city be sure to go sight-seeing and visit the ruins. Embrace the opportunity to visit the Ancient Theater of Epidaurus only one hour away by car. An ancient theatre known worldwide for its perfect symmetry and beauty designed by Polykleitos the Younger in the 4th century BC, it seats up to 14.000 people. The theatre is admired for its exceptional acoustics which allows perfect intelligibility of all spoken words from the skene (proscenium) to all spectators no matter where they are seated. A test you can do to prove this is to light a match at the centre of the stage and see how easily you can hear it wherever you are standing. The Theatre is still used today for dramatic performances for an even better experience book a ticket and watch a play, not knowing the language will not stand in the way of enjoying it.

Day 3

Porto Heli is a verdurous environment with high pines trees, olive trees and other Mediterranean plants, flowers and herbs that surround the town. Surrounded by forests there are numerous hiking footpaths you can walk through and feel at peace with nature. Many old footpaths cross the region and lead to tiny chapels, small settlements, hilltops with incredible views and secluded beaches away from the crowds.


A hidden gem of the Peloponnese, Porto Heli, the so called “Greek Riviera”

Day 4

The island of Spetses is only a few minutes away hop on a sea taxi from the port of Costa in Portoheli and cross over to the Greek island of Spetses for a day trip. A picturesque island dubbed the “Monaco” of Greece. Cosmopolitan, Venetian architecture, small narrow streets perfect to take your Greek vacation pictures.

The island is small and does not allow cars, therefore, making it even more peaceful and easy to walk through. Enjoy a horse buggy ride and live the full Greek experiences. Have dinner in one of the traditional taverns overlooking the sea, stroll around the alleys or visit the Bouboulina Museum opened in the memory of the Greek Revolution heroine Laskarina Bouboulina who until recently had the honour of being the only female Admiral in world Naval history. Tour the mansion and admire collections of weapons, old books, porcelains, documents and letters of the Greek Revolution, paintings and models of war ships, the heroine’s personal items, embroidery, Byzantine icons, furniture and the stunning carved ceiling from Florence in the grand salon of the mansion. On the other hand, If you are feeling of relaxing by the beach front, Zogeria beach is a good choice, an unspoiled beach with a sandy bay.

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To really understand modern day Porto Heli rent a speed boat and travel around the coast. Sail through the coves, gaze at all the luxury retreats which face the sea. If you are lucky you might even spot some royalty as many royals including the Heir to the Dutch throne, Prince Willem-Alexander own villa’s in this area. Travel to secluded remote beaches and enjoy the summer sun or book a cruise that also offers dinner and have your dinner on board.


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Day 6

If you are in for another day trip the small nearby beachfront town of Ermioni is a good choice. Also, an ancient town Ermioni has been continuously inhabited since the times of Homer. During the classic era it was known for its shipbuilders and the production of porphyra a special purplish/red dye very important during these times. The dye was used for colouring battle uniforms including the one of Alexander the Great. During more modern-day times the town of Ermioni still remained known its ship building and naval abilities playing a very significant role during the Greek Revolution.


Thini Porto Heli

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Day 7

For your last day choose to stroll around the town of Porto Heli. Rent a bike and ride through the town’s streets, become one with the local culture. The permanent amusement park on the main town square is a good choice especially if you are travelling with kids.

*If you are visiting during July do not miss the annual Art and Culture Festival known worldwide for its concerts, exhibitions, seminars, conferences and other artistic events held every year.

Book your favourite luxury villa in Porto Heli and you will definitely get to experience a full summer vacation filled with adventure, exploring and relaxation in a serene natural Mediterranean environment.

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