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Greece is a popular destination for international filmmakers, with its stunning islands and unique locations providing the perfect backdrop for a variety of movies. Offering absolute diversity in its settings, the country has been honoured many times by the filmmaking jetsetters to be either the exclusive venue of their films or the place to shoot several scenes. Moreover, the thousands of luxury villas in Greece offer not only some exquisite shooting spots but also the ideal accommodation for the worldwide famous cast of movies.

One of the most notable films shot in Greece is “The Big Blue,” which was filmed on the island of Amorgos. The island’s rugged landscapes and crystal-clear unique waters provide a stunning backdrop for the film’s underwater scenes. Its whitewashed Chora with its cultured, alternative aura along with its dramatic cliffsides and slopes are a landmark for the entire Cyclades complex. Despite the laid-back character of the island, there are hundreds of private villas in Amorgos that promise to make your stay a sheer bliss.

Your villa in Amorgos

A sublime villa in Amorgos, Villa Chelsea is situated on a hilltop overlooking the area of Agios Pavlos, the Aegean Sea and the surrounding landscapes featuring a fantastic terrace with no fences to perfectly incorporate with the setting. The villa can accommodate up to 10 guests with a main, ground level and two upper levels completely independent, one of the featuring its own kitchenette as well making it one of the most private villas in Amorgos.

Another classic film shot in Greece, and specifically the island of Corfu, is the all-time classic James Bond movie “For Your Eyes Only”. Corfu is filled with picturesque beaches, charming villages, cultural sites and densely vegetated mountains. All of those are prominently featured in the film that perfectly showcases the island’s natural beauty. Specifically, many scenes of the movie “For Your Eyes Only” where shot in one of our own villas in Corfu, Felice.

felice villa corfu luxury villas thegreekvillas

Your villa in Corfu

It could be no other among all our opulent villas in Corfu than Villa Felice, the very shooting venue of this legendary movie. Nestled within wild nature at the rim of a hill with unobstructed views to the turquoise Ionian Sea, the villa can host 18 guests in a main two-storey house and two fully separate guesthouses. Its immaculate setting, the Mediterranean garden and the awe-inspiring views to the surrounding lush setting make Felice the most exquisite of all villas in Corfu.

Crete is another popular destination for filmmakers, with “Zorba the Greek” being one of the most famous movies to be shot there featuring a super-famous cast, a Greek theme song and the Greek syrtaki dance, emblematic for the film. The film’s depiction of the island’s traditional villages and stunning beaches has helped to cement Crete’s reputation as a popular tourist destination. A massive island with unique settings from place to place, Crete has it all! And as a treasured holiday destination, you have countless options through the dozens of luxury villas in Crete for a relaxed and fun holiday.

Berry Crete Luxury Villas TheGreekVillas

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The crown jewel of all luxury villas in Crete, Villa Berry is a stunning beachfront home that offers the most typical and authentic Cretan living. A true oasis of tranquillity and luxury Villa Berry can host 28 guests in utter privacy as it comprises in one 5-storey home and three separate guesthouses, one of them literally a stone’s throw from the shoreline. Its exceptional setting, opulent facilities and smart layout surely rank it as top choice among the villas in Crete for the larger group.

The island of Kefalonia was the location of choice for the filming of “Captain Corelli’s Mandolin.” Another landmark movie with a famous cast and a huge production that honoured Greece by selecting several areas of Kefalonia for shooting. The island’s lush landscapes, graphic villages and idyllic beaches provided the perfect setting for the film’s romantic story. Kefalonia is one of the most sought-for summer destinations for Greeks and foreigners alike that, frankly, have a hard time selecting their best match among all private villas in Kefalonia.

Lily Kefalonia Luxury Villas TheGreekVillas

Your villa in Kefalonia

One of the most majestic villas in Kefalonia is located on the seafront of Skala, a precious and favourite beach at the southernmost part of the island. Villa Lily is actually three autonomous homes placed in three different levels as all of them feature sleeping quarters, living rooms and fully equipped kitchens. A breathtaking retreat that blends luxury and nature seamlessly, the villa takes in the rejuvenating aura of the Ionian Sea and untouched surroundings. If you seek privacy, convenience and luxury, search no further; Villa Lily is your holiday home among all Kefalonia villas.

Mani, a pristine and utterly authentic region in the Peloponnese peninsula, was the location for “Before Midnight”. Rugged landscapes, traditional villages, dense olive groves, natural stone in terracotta and beige hues along with cobalt, clean waters are the protagonists of the area’s canvas as well as the film’s scenes. The natural, untouched beauty has been prominently featured in the film, dotting all scenes with the local colours and offering a glimpse into the local culture and way of life. The sublime villas in Peloponnese share that enthralling canvas promising the most invigorating, easy living!

Your villa in Peloponnese

Definitely among our most precious villas in Peloponnese, Villa Jade is a hidden gem nestled in the rolling hills of Kynigos, a quiet village outside Pylos and near Voidokilia. The villa boasts a unique blend of traditional and modern design, with warm earthy tones and a comfortable, rustic feel. A home for 9 guests where the real magic happens outside, where you’ll find a private pool and courtyard with herbs and olive trees overlooking the stunning views of the surrounding hills and valleys. If you are after a relaxing, serene stay, this is our suggestion from our eclectic list of villas in Peloponnese.

Lastly, the crown jewel of the Cyclades, the most cinematic of all, Santorini, could not but be among the chosen ones for international filmmakers. Santorini was the location for the filming of “Sisterhood of Traveling Pants”. The island’s iconic white-washed, cubic houses and buildings, its paved alleys, colourful yards and breathtaking sunsets with eyes to the Caldera and the endless Aegean Sea have all been the perfect match for this nostalgic film about friendship and experiences. And, of course, the hundreds of luxury villas in Santorini made the shooting a piece of cake with a cherry on top!

Azure Santorini Luxury Villas TheGreekVillas

Your Villa in Santorini

Among the best villas in Santorini, Imerovigli, villa Azure is an aesthetic home perched high on the cliffs of the island with breathtaking views of the Aegean Sea. The villa’s design is inspired by the traditional Cycladic architecture, with white-washed walls, artful decoration, natural wood and elegant minimalistic lines. Offering ample, elegant spaces in all rooms and areas, one thing is prominent here: the stunning views to the sea and a sense of floating up in the air. The villa can host 16 guests in a three-storey home where personal touches and attention to detail prevail while it also offers a second, private pool. If you are looking for the crème de la crème of villas in Santorini, you have a lucky strike with Azure!

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