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Paros is one of the most popular Greek island destinations. Hundreds of visitors come to Paros each year and enjoy the island’s beauty and culture. Nevertheless, there are still many hidden gems, that are not overly crowded and still remain somewhat undiscovered, which you could explore. Visit the island of Paros and uncover its hidden treasures.

For those who love to be in the great outdoors the Valley of Butterflies is a unique park to visit. A vast park filled with trees and flowers where butterflies gather to reproduce. The park is unique (the only other such park is located in Rhodes), a memorable experience to get in touch with your green side.


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The Byzantine Monastery of Ekatodapyliani or more easily pronounced The Church of a Hundred doors is a hidden gem located in Parikia the capital of the island of Paros. Α church of unique architecture which also houses the Byzantine museum.

Greece and especially the Cyclades are known for their amazing wines. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to go for wine tasting in Paros. Wine you can taste that are from Paros are Malvasia and Malagousia.


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Hundreds of visitors come to Paros each year nevertheless, there are still many hidden gems!

Something many do not know is that the island of Paros is well known around the globe for windsurfing and kitesurfing. The annual Windsurfing World Cup and Kiteboarding World Cup are bot held in Paros. If you are a fan of water-sports Paros is the place to be. Try scuba diving as well, with many scuba diving schools offering courses that will take you to easily accessible unhabituated islands, old shipwrecks and underwater reefs.

Naousa is a small town in Paros known for its picturesque narrow streets, traditional port and nightlife. It truly blends modern and traditional elements in a unique way. When in Naousa be sure to visit the Venetian Castle that dates back to the 15th century called “Kasteli”.  At the outskirts of Naousa is the picture-perfect village of Lefkes, a village close to tradition built amidst mountains within a magnificent verdurous landscape.  Lefkes is a must-see village that will travel you back in time. Enjoy your coffee or lunch and feel the local culture.

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