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13.10.2022 Destinations

And where to start from…the mecca of gastronomy and scrumptious, purely natural ingredients, Greece is among the top culinary destinations in the whole world. And for so many good reasons. Throughout the country, gastronomic tradition has been influenced through the centuries by eastern, western, northern and southern trends, guests will find an amplitude of traditional recipes cooked just like the old times with virgin olive oil, pure vegetables, quality meat and fresh fish as well as herbs of the fertile Greek earth. Besides, Greeks are not only proud of their cuisine, promoting it in every corner of the globe, but cherish and celebrate their culinary heritage at all times and places.

Hard to choose but we made it: this is our top 5 culinary destinations that feature favourite Greek recipes made the old-fashioned way with pure local products.

Revithada @ Sifnos

Traditionally cooked in the “skepastaria”, a special clay casserole with a lid, usually used in wood ovens, Sifnos’ Revithada (revithi in Greek stands for chickpea) is not your usual chickpea soup. Traditionally the chickpeas are left to slow boil in a mixture of water, oregano, laurel, local olive oil and onions in the wood oven throughout the night. This process makes them sweet and soft taking in all the aromas of the ingredients. The use of the clay casserole is also not by chance: a material that breathes and lets the airflow in and out giving revithada a lightly smoked flavour.

Your villa in Sifnos

Located in Artemonas, Villa Miro is a quiet and graphic settlement, this is one of the most exquisite villas in Sifnos and a benchmark for all the luxury villas on the island. Accommodating 12 guests in its understated opulence, the villa has been designed by a team of popular architects and features designer furniture while all of its rooms are drenched in splendid sea views. Apart from its eclectic design, the villa’s highlight is the seclusion and privacy it offers.

Pastitsada @ Corfu

Another mouthwatering Greek dish that comes from Corfu, pastitsada, is among our favourite ones as well as a popular dish among tourists. It seems to be another meat cooked in sauce, served with pasta but…not! Initially, when tomato was unknown or very rare to find, the red colour was taken by the extraordinary mix of herbs used in the dish, spetsieriko, which includes among its 15 herbs, several peppers and mostly red peppers. When the sauce took its role to make the dish red, it should always be very thick and very dark for pastitsada to be successful. The dish is originally made with cock and bucatini or penne/rigatoni that absorb the aromas and flavours of the sauce.

Ines Corfu Luxury Villas TheGreekVillas

Your villa in Corfu

Among the most secluded luxury villas in Corfu, Ines is a serene retreat for those who want to unwind in the dense nature of San Stefano. Perfectly incorporating its natural setting, this is a state-of-the-art property made with a genuine passion for hospitality and the most eclectic materials. 10 guests can enjoy the two storey main house while the other two will indulge in their private guesthouse with kitchenette and private access to the garden.

Myzithra Ntakos @ Crete

Who does not know ntakos? Noone! Its birthplace being Crete, ntakos salad is a scrumptious, full of proteins and nutritious vegetables, and a salad enjoyed throughout Greece in many variations. The “original” version though is made with rusks slightly soaked in water (so they get softer), a ripe tomato that is almost crushed above the rusks, a firm tomato cut into small pieces, lots of xynomyzithra cheese, pure olive oil, oregano and some olives.

Imbe Crete Luxury Villas TheGreekVillas

Your villa in Crete

One of the most charming villas in Western Crete, Villa Imbe is a modern home that breathes in the endless sea horizon as it is located on the peninsula of Chania prefecture. Nestled within a calm settlement, Agios Onoufrios, and plains filled with olive trees, Imbe can host 8 guests in utter comfort and privacy. guests here will also have the chance to enjoy the most indulging outdoor dining since the villa boasts an outdoor kitchen, wood oven and barbeque.

Patatato @ Amorgos

This could very well be a dish preferred by all, kids and adults, whatever the dietary preference (of course not vegetarians!). Amorgos‘ Patatato, as its name implies, (patata is potato in Greek) is a stew made with goat meat, lots of potatos and onions and the most essential herbs like salt, pepper, garlic and cinnamon. The result: melting in the mouth, both the meat and potatos absorb all the essence of the ingredients creating an explosion in your palates.

Your villa in Amorgos

The ultimate insular house, Villa Chelsea is one of the luxury villas in Amorgos and enjoys a convenient and privileged location in one of the island’s most preferred settlements, Agios Pavlos. Boasting Cycladic minimalism and unpretentious opulence, Chelsea can host 10 guests on the ground level and two independent upper levels, one of which also features its own kitchenette for utter privacy. the views are stunning from its open terrace that has no fence and, thus, making you feel you float right above the seawater!

Trachanas @ Messinia

A controversial food that either you love or hate, trachanas is one of the most long-standing Greek recipes. Trachanas is made of flour and milk and has two main variations, sweet and sour, its difference being that the sour also includes Greek yoghurt. In Messinia those small balls that are made are left to dry completely and then boiled with milk, water, olive oil or butter, literally anything you prefer! It can also produce a soup or a dryer version to replace rice that accompanies a meat dish. Options are endless, just try it at the first chance!

Your villa in Messinia

Villa Jade is a recent and totally refurbished home within the calm village of Kynigos on the outskirts of Pylos. One of the most eclectic villas in Peloponnese, specifically Messinia, this is the place to immerse yourself into pure serenity and utter privacy while getting to know the authentic way of life of Peloponnese. A two-level property that can sleep 9 guests in total, with ultra-contemporary amenities and a fantastic courtyard with indigenous flora and herbs, surrounded by olive trees, Jade will enchant you for life!

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