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Mykonos: beyond the known, explore its culinary experience

Taking a different twist to our favourite summer all-year round destination, Mykonos, and heading to explore one of the most intriguing parts of travelling: gastronomy and culinary tradition.

We, at The Greek Villas, take pride in knowing Mykonos for decades now like the palm of our hands; so, who would be your best tour guide in this gastronomic trip to Greece’s most famous island?

Just like all mainland regions and islands of Greece, Mykonos boasts a unique gastronomic tradition that goes deep into the centuries and has been influenced by the various eras and conquerors of the island. Let’s get this started then!

Starters first and cheese is an all-time classic ingredient in any dining experience with self-respect. Mykonos star is “kopanisti”, a cream-like cheese made with cow and goat milk, especially spicy and intense that is the perfect escort for “ouzo” or a local white wine. Kopanisti is usually part of one of the island’s most popular meze (tapa), “Mostra”. Some homemade rusks topped with kopanisti, chopped tomato, capers and olive oil and there’s your best alternative to the Cretan “ntakos” that serves both as a starter as well as a proper meal since it contains all possible nutrients and a mind-blowing flavour. Tyrovolia cheese, another distinctive local cheese, thought to be the base of the entire island’s gastronomy, is a soft textured cheese with no salt and slightly sour flavour that can be used as part of a savoury or sweet tapa. Complete your starter dinning-kit with some local “xinotiro” (white, sour cheese), feta cheese and a variety of local graviera and there is your cheese n’ wine plateau!


Best enjoyed…

Apart from Mykonos’ numerous small taverns, enjoy those mouthwatering cheese creations while sipping a glass of wine during sunset at the pool terrace of your private villa in Kalafatis area, with stunning views to the Aegean Sea and utter privacy. Villa Jennifer I is your villa of choice.

Heading for the main course with local fish and seafood delicacies. Starting dish is the famous Kakavia fish soup with locally caught kakavia and fresh vegetables that will fill your body with precious nutrients. Fill your table with local fresh urchins in oil and vinegar along with the catch of the day fish and seafood and your “tsipouro” pairing stories are on!

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Seaside taverns and restaurants in Mykonos offer local seafood creations along with a wide array of fish dishes. We suggest organizing an in-villa seafood dining experience for the entire group taking advantage of the splendour and privacy of some of the top villas in Mykonos. Villa Idris in Aleomandra with its huge veranda carved in natural rocks offering awe-inspiring sea views or Villa Foster in Psarou with 360̊ views to the area and only a step away from the homonymous resort will offer the ideal setting for your fish-loving dining.

Meat lovers will also find their own little culinary paradise in Mykonos. One of the protagonists in local cuisine is “louza”; thin slices of spiced, sun-cooked pork that has been marinated and can remain fresh for quite a long time. Louza is served in think slices and can be part of a cheese n’ cold cuts plateau or as a meze for a cold beer, wine or ouzo. Mykonos is also famous for its locally made sausages that are mostly made of lean meat with little fat and are quite rich in spices and local herbs, all contributing to their unique, intense flavour. Those two special dishes can serve as the amuse bouche of a barbeque event with friends and family in the privacy and comfort of your luxury villa in Mykonos.

Idris Mykonos Luxury Villas TheGreekVillas

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Discover Villa Phoenix, embraced by the rough rocks of Tourlos area, boasts a minimalistic ambience with industrial elements and numerous spacious dining and gathering areas as well as an ultra-modern barbeque area outside. Here your private barbeque party will be truly a bliss for all senses.

Closing this culinary itinerary with what always comes after a delightful dining experience: dessert! One of the Cyclades’ favourite could not but be at the top of Mykonos’ dessert list: amygdalota. Similar to marzipans, those small sweets are made with ground almonds, sugar, and rose water and are topped with powdered sugar. An alternative option would be the small almond cake or “kalathaki” that resembles a small basket made with flour, butter, eggs, filled with an almond and cinnamon mixture. Melopita or honey pie is the Greek equivalent of cheesecake and is made with local tyrovolia or mizithra cheese and pure honey.

Best enjoyed…

Enjoy your morning coffee at the stunning pool terrace of Villa Marylin I and accompany your morning ritual with a local amygdaloto or almond cake before heading to Psarou beach, only a few minutes away from your villa.

Head back to your private retreat, Villa Charlize in Aleomandra, after a day at the beach and a fulfilling meal on any of the area’s restaurants, and let your senses fully succumb to the unsurpassed sea views and the intoxicating taste of the honey pie. Sip some locally made soumada (non-alcoholic almond drink) and let this be the start of a delightful evening by the pool with a glass of local wine!

Foodies around the world united for Mykonos is not only the jetsetter’s paradise, featuring some of the most exquisite luxury Greek villas, but also an endless culinary exploration that expands from the island’s traditional cuisine and unravels to contemporary, fine dining proposals in some of Greece’s most delectable premium restaurants.

Mykonos by night

Photo by Jack Krier on Unsplash

And as deep connoisseurs of Mykonos, we have gathered all the must-visit restaurants during your stay on the island!


– Sea Satin

A legendary restaurant and bar offering an Avant-Garde take in Greek and Mediterranean Cuisine with views to the Little Venice of Mykonos!


– Zuma

Landmark contemporary Japanese cuisine enjoyed al fresco with uninterrupted sunset views and an impeccable ambience.


– Beef Bar

Unpretentious luxury and top-quality products make up one of the most high-end steakhouses for meat lovers set in a seaside spot.


– Interni

Boasting a beautiful garden designed by the renowned designer Paola Navone, Interni honours the authentic Mediterranean cuisine with twists from around the world.


– Jackie O’ on the beach

The most iconic beach bar of Mykonos with its tantalizing cocktails and Mediterranean bites right on the crystalline waters of cosmopolitan Super Paradise beach.


– Remezzo

Fine dining and a premium wine list combined with the historic setting of Remezzo in a feast of flavours, views and sounds!


– Nobu

New style Japanese cuisine blends with Greek dishes in the menu of this landmark restaurant curated by Nobu Matsuhisa himself. Need more?


– Koursaros

The legendary restaurant in the heart of Mykonos resembling a Corsair’s ship serves gastronomic delights based on fish and seafood.


– La Maison de Katrin

Artistic flair and culinary passion come one in a pairing of traditional Greek cuisine with French gourmet cooking.




– Coya

Succumb in the Incan heritage through a multi-sensory experience comprised of Latin American ambience, Peruvian cuisine and exotic cocktails.


– Nōema

Contemporary, industrial ambience and a menu that highlights indigenous raw materials and cooking methods opens its doors for a brand new culinary experience.


– Bagatelle

When French elegance and sophistication meets the Cycladic air the result is a high-end dining experience that will satisfy even the most demanding palates.


– Mykonos Social

Awe-inspiring views of the Aegean and the signature of the Michelin-starred Jason Atherton that honours the Mediterranean and Greek cuisine in a bespoke dining experience.

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