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Paxos…the name brings to mind fluorescent turquoise waters, lush green landscapes, countless secluded coves and bright white shores. Exotic and untouched, Paxos is the crème de la crème of the Ionian Sea with an untouched authenticity although it is a destination preferred by visitors more and more each year.

Scenic alleys with colourful houses and overwhelming bougainvillaeas, heartwarming hospitality and hills carpeted with thick vegetation in the backdrop, Gaios, the main town of the island gives you, at first sight, a taste of the fairytale world you are entering.

In this pristine paradise called Paxos, a proper tranquillity and nature-loving haven, you will spend the most treasured days of your life…trust us! And we have gathered some insightful suggestions on things to do, where to eat and drink and where to swim, along with some of the top private villas in Paxos. Get ready to delve into a mystic world that will touch all your senses!


Erimitis Restaurant
Don’t let the awe-inspiring location mislead you. Here you will not only delve into the stunning sea and sunset views on a high spot that will leave you speechless; you will also have the chance to taste an utterly authentic experience of creative Greek cuisine and the top-notch service of a family-run restaurant.

Fanalino Restaurant
Nestled within the scenic alleys of Gaios, at the small square of the settlement, you will enjoy some scrumptious dishes, simple yet mouthwatering, made with love and care for the guest. From typical brunch dishes to proper meals, Fanalino offers top-quality materials, a laid-back ambience and a welcoming smile.

Thymari Restaurant
Homegrown vegetables, quality ingredients and an utterly Greek-insular ambience will steal your heart. Located in the heart of the island, a graphic, stone-paved courtyard surrounded by local flora is the place where you will taste authentic Greek dishes and some modern variations that will delight your palates.

Carnayo Restaurant
The internationally educated chef and owner of the restaurant, born in Paxos, has created a brilliant restaurant, an amazing team and a seasonal menu where the local, Ionian and traditional Greek cuisine takes a whole new essence. Homegrown materials, seasonal ingredients and dishes based on seasonality in a charming ambience within Gaios.

Stasinos Restaurant
Within the picturesque stone paved alleys of Lakka, flooded with colourful plants and the genuine feel of Paxos, you will find Stasinos and its fairytale-like courtyard. Greek cuisine at its best, both for meat and fish/seafood lovers, the dishes are composed by local, homegrown vegetables and fruit as well as a genuine passion for good food.


Ben’s Bar
One of the most beautiful beach bars on Paxos, plotted in various levels with sunloungers, sofas and lounging furnishing among lush local vegetation and palm trees, Ben’s Bar is a must-visit when on Paxos. Overlooking the scenic bay of Monodendri, you are only a step away from plunging into its crystal-clear waters.

Taxidi Bar
A typical bar right on the harbour-front of Loggos, Taxidi will take you on a journey, as its name implies (taxidi stands for journey in Greek) through its tantalizing cocktails, the welcoming atmosphere and swaying music vibes.

Roxi Bar
Another graphic bar in Loggos, Roxi is an all-day café-bar offering uninterrupted sea views, right at the seafront, a calm ambience and mainstream music. Start with your afternoon coffee and head on to an evening filled with mainstream music and cool vibes.

Seriani Bar
One of the most iconic pubs on the island since the ‘80s, Seriani Bar is located in Lakka and it is the only bar on the island that serves drought Corfiot beer, brewed by the Corfu microbrewery. Apart from that, a fine selection of drinks, cocktails, spirits and some rock music will sway you through the night.

Kalimera Cafe
Open from early in the morning for coffee and breakfast, Kalimera Café is located in the graphic settlement of Gaios offering an utterly traditional ambience, scrumptious dishes, freshly squeezed juice, a wide selection of drinks and spirits making it hard to resist visiting over and over again.


Although quite small and tranquil, Paxos hosts a few festivals and events that are rarely found in other, large and popular islands throughout Greece.

The Paxos Reggae Festival will take place 29-31 August this year and it is an international reggae music festival that promotes unity, love and respect through music and culture. Organized since 2015 by volunteer artists from Greece, UK and Italy, this is a must experience especially if you are a fan of reggae music.

Likewise, the exquisite Paxos Music Festival has been organized each year since 1986 with concerts of 18th to 21st century chamber music, music/choir workshops for all ages and, since 2015, several cultural activities, visual art events and guided tours throughout the island.

Finally, the Mass in the Monastery of the Assumption of the Virgin in Gaios on August 15th is a typical festivity that is celebrated, just like everywhere Greece, with dancing, music, eating and drinking.


Although quite hard to choose, we list here the top 5 beaches on Paxos.

Harami (Lakka): calm clean waters and abundant natural shade only a few steps away from the fishing village of Lakka with a seabed that becomes sandy and makes it a good choice for children

Kipiadi: until recently the beach could not be accessed by land keeping it pristine and untouched with no facilities at all but with a scenic landscape of cypress, pine and olive trees and turquoise waters

Kloni Gouli: two adjacent coves, one completely unorganized with deep waters, ideal for snorkelling, and one with a beach bar and beach amenities, both sharing the whitish pebbled coast and emerald waters

Erimitis: a newly arrived beach as it emerged in 2007 from cliffs collapsing into the sea, here you will enjoy the rough beauty of Paxos with windy waters, high white cliffs in the backdrop and total serenity

Mongonissi: literally an islet connected to Paxos through a bridge, Mongonissi offers a small settlement and a charming sandy beach with natural shade right next to the calm harbour

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Paxos is usually mentioned together with Antipaxos, a neighbouring island of untouched, pristine natural beauty for a very good reason: Antipaxos boasts some spectacular cave formations as well as the most exotic waters you will ever see in the Mediterranean. Make sure to arrange a day-cruise to Antipaxos to get fascinated by its distinct geomorphology with caves and then swim in its fluorescent green-blue waters. Vrika kai Voutoumi are the top coasts you need to see!

The serene ambience of Paxos makes it ideal for rejuvenation and re-connecting with nature – especially when nature is that sweeping. The perfect place to practise yoga and work-out within the overwhelming beauty that will breathe new life in you! And then cool down with a spa or massage treatment by experienced therapists.
Whatever you wish, just say the word and The Greek Villas’ team will make it happen!



Classic Ionian style, modern amenities, breathtaking 180̊ sea views in a massive home nestled within the tranquil verdant plains of Mongonissi, Villa Dolce can comfortably accommodate 18 guests in two completely separate three-storey units. Plus, the garden level of one of its two units can serve as an individual home since it features a kitchen and dining area of its own. The plot’s garden is shared as well as all its exterior facilities along with the refreshing swimming pool.


Nestled within a pristine forest of pine and olive trees, Villa Riccardo offers tranquillity, seclusion and privacy to its guests that will definitely get enchanted by its scenic environs and the direct access to Agia Marina beach, only 3 minutes on foot. But those are not the only highlights of the villa; a three-storey holiday home of country-chic style with ample interior spaces and an authentic, untouched Mediterranean garden where you can relax and cocoon breathing in the Greek summer aromas.


Enjoying both a tranquil location as well as proximity to the island’s main settlement, Gaios, buzzling with visitors each year, Moroso is an exquisite holiday home for 8 leveraging the local Ionian style while honouring the lush nature of Paxos. Wooden floors and ceilings, modern furniture and uncluttered spaces boasting endless sea views as well as abundant outdoor living amenities, hidden corners and top-notch facilities make Villa Moroso one of the most sublime luxury villas in Paxos.

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