Top Villas in Antiparos for Summer 2024

01.09.2023 Destinations

Nestled like a hidden gem in the embrace of the Aegean Sea, Antiparos emerges as the ultimate destination for the discerning traveller in 2024. Let your senses embark on an unforgettable journey, where azure skies merge seamlessly with crystal-clear waters, and the rhythm of life slows down to match the tranquil pace of this enchanting island.

As if painted by the hands of the divine, Antiparos boasts beaches straight out of dreams. Imagine sinking your toes into powdery white sands as gentle waves serenade your senses. Pano and Kato Soros, Agios Georgios, and Psaraliki are just a few of the names that grace this coastal paradise. Dip into the rejuvenating embrace of the Aegean and let the worries of the world melt away.

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What’s more, Antiparos is not just an island; it’s a time capsule of tradition and heritage. Meander through labyrinthine alleyways that reveal whitewashed buildings adorned with cobalt-blue accents, a nod to Greece’s iconic architecture. Embrace the warmth of the locals as you explore charming villages and tavernas exuding the island’s authentic spirit.

And as if the natural beauty is not enough, in a world buzzing with chaos, Antiparos is an oasis of serenity. Whether you seek solitude on a solitary beach or wish to immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of the island, you’ll find your perfect rhythm here. Discover quaint squares where time appears to stand still and savour moments that linger like the gentle sea breeze. For the exploring type, beyond its tranquillity lies Antiparos’ secret: an alternative personality that beckons the adventurous spirit. Unearth hidden caves and grottoes that play host to captivating stories, or embark on hiking trails that lead you to breathtaking viewpoints. Dare to explore the island’s underground marvel, the Antiparos Cave, a realm of stalactites and stalagmites sculpted by nature herself.

When it comes to your holiday accommodation, elevate your stay with the epitome of opulence. Indulge in the lap of opulence as you reside in some of the top-tier luxury villas in Greece. Antiparos villas are exquisite sanctuaries that offer unrivalled comfort and breathtaking vistas, seamlessly blending modernity with the island’s natural beauty. Lounge by your private infinity pool and let time unravel at its own pace. As the day draws to a close, embrace the ethereal beauty of Antiparos’ sunsets. The sky transforms into a canvas painted with hues of gold, crimson, and violet, casting a spell that leaves you spellbound. Capture these moments with your heart, for they are the essence of your Antiparos sojourn.

In 2024, let Antiparos be the haven where your dreams intertwine with reality. Have a look below at the most sought-for villas in Antiparos and the island’s magic redefine the way you holiday. Antiparos awaits—immerse yourself in its story.


Villa Martin

Discover the ultimate retreat at villa Martin, one of the most breathtaking Antiparos villas. Nestled on tranquil setting, this property offers an unforgettable escape with its two-storey main house, accommodating up to 8 guests, alongside a separate two-storey guesthouse perfect for 4 guests. Blending Cycladic charm with contemporary design, this haven boasts modern amenities that pamper every whim. Be captivated by the uninterrupted panoramic views of the azure sea and the mesmerizing surroundings. Indulge in the wine cellar, a sanctuary for wine enthusiasts. Experience blissful moments on Apantima beach, a mere 3-minute stroll away, that is if you resist the large, refreshing pool and surrounding lounging areas. Villa Martin is indeed the epitome of pure luxury.

Villa Ellington

Welcome to villa Ellington, one of the best villas in Antiparos you’ll ever encounter. Nestled in a secluded oasis, this mesmerizing property offers unparalleled luxury and tranquillity. Prepare to be captivated by its opulent features, including a wine cellar that promises delightful evenings of tasting and indulgence. The home cinema room and playroom ensure endless entertainment for both adults and children alike. Step outside to the vast plot adorned with well-manicured gardens, where you’ll discover a sparkling swimming pool and covered al fresco dining area with bar facilities and barbecue. A lucky couple will reside in the master bedroom, occupying the top floor, that boasts a walk-in closet and a private veranda with breathtaking sea views, and an external Jacuzzi for ultimate relaxation. With its impeccable ambience and mere proximity to a secluded beach (just 150 meters away), villa Ellington is the epitome of opulence among all Antiparos villas.

Villa Hubbard

Experience authentic natural living in Antiparos and villa Hubbard, a gem among all luxury villas in Antiparos. Discover the epitome of nature at a serene escape located within Kambos’ unspoiled plains, overlooking the serene mainland and the Aegean Sea in the background. Crafted with love for traditional living, Hubbard blends seamlessly into nature where the only thing you will hear is nature’s sounds making the property the ideal holiday home for those who want to practise yoga, meditation and a soul-soothing stay in general. The villa features natural stone floors, Parian marble details, and unassuming luxury. The bedrooms offer private terraces and independent entrances, while two separate bungalows provide extra space and privacy to 2 guests each. A 31m pool, shaded lounging zone with a bar, outdoor dining for 18, movie projection, and a yoga spot complete this haven. Embrace nature’s tranquillity and luxury in one unique retreat.

Villa Holiday

One of the largest villas in Antiparos, Holiday will immerse you in the essence of island life within a captivating country-style haven, perched above the azure sea. Here, the indoors and outdoors merge in rustic elegance, maintaining an airy charm. A barbecue oasis at the entrance, embraced by a pergola-covered sitting area, evokes the genuine Greek summer experience while the property comprises of two separate units, hosting 22 guests in 11 bedrooms dispersed across units and levels, one of which also offers two guesthouses with separate entrances. Moreover, here you will indulge in utter wellbeing and rejuvenation in the villa’s interior gym area with treadmill, weights, multi gym bench and Hammam. And after your wellness routine, sunbathe poolside or venture to a secluded sandy cove, a mere five-minute stroll away.

Villa Nina

Nestled within the tranquil plains of Glyfa, villa Nina is located within a massive plot adorned with colourful planted patios, indigenous flora and overwhelmed by the authentic charms of Antiparos. Its traditional architecture, with whitewashed walls, cubic formations and surfaces lined with natural stone immediately allure to further explore it, to live it! Apart from the main house that features 3 floors, with the top one being an independent home for 4 with two en-suite bedrooms and a kitchenette, the villa also offers a separate, self-catering guesthouse for 2 to enjoy utter privacy and romance. The outdoors living areas are as enchanting as its interiors, all creating the most unforgettable living among our collection of villas in Antiparos.

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