Villa holidays near the top archaeological sites in rural Greece

26.09.2022 Destinations

Culture lovers united! Greece is the cradle of the ancient civilization of entire Europe and one of the most significant in the world, thus here you will enjoy both your holiday in some of the most enviable luxury villas on earth as well as the most enlightening and exciting archaeological sightseeing experiences.

Apart from Athens, the mecca of the ancient world, Greece is dotted with significant ancient sites varying from theatres, temples, castles, settlements, and many more. Moreover, as Greek mythology is filled with thrilling stories and legendary tales, you will have the chance to combine your vacationing activities with visiting some of the most popular mythological sites and feel their unique energy!

In this article, we are taking you on a journey to the top sites in Greece as concern archaeology and mythology along with one of the top villas in the area to combine culture with holidaying in the best way possible!

Ancient Olympia, Peloponnese

One of the most important ancient sites after the Parthenon, Ancient Olympia bears a glorious heritage as it was the birthplace of the most important sporting event of all centuries, the Olympic Games. It was also a place of worship for the father of Gods, Zeus, were unique works of art and cultural events took place. The glory of its history and immense aura will overwhelm you as soon as you set foot in the venue.

If you wish to combine a tour to Ancient Olympia and get into the massive, awe-inspiring stadium, as well as admire the quaint homonymous village and swim in the soothing waters of the Ionian Coast, your choice should be Villa Jade. This newly refurbished villa will stun you with its authentic Peloponnesian character and immaculate aesthetics. Located in a calm and quiet village right on the outskirts of Pylos, the village of Kynigos, this amazing villa in Peloponnese enjoys the best location for explorers that want to unwind and relax before heading out on their next excursion. The villa is perfect for 9 guests that want to isolate as it both offers a completely serene location but also independent sleeping quarters for them.

Mykines, Peloponnese

Another very important site that bears lots of history and archaeological value is Mykines (or Mycenae for the archaeological site). Located in the prefecture of Argolis, this was the heart of Greece between 1600 BC to 1100 BC and the home of the Mycenaean civilization. Wealthy yet skilled in warcraft, the Mycenaeans built castles, palaces, and temples whose remains are still standing in the area exuding their past glory.

Pueblo Peloponnese Luxury Villas TheGreekVillas

Mykines is found very near one of our favourite villas in the Peloponnese, Villa Pueblo. An exceptionally designed villa right on the seafront, this is a villa in Nafplion that will sweep you away. Ideal for 13 guests to unravel and relax within the tick pine-tree forest, Pueblo is a holiday home that breathes rustic yet classy elegance and offers immaculate amenities and sea gear such as a 10m inflatable skippered Rib Boat which you can use for your excursions to the coastline of the area or the nearby islands of Spetses and Hydra.

Delos, Mykonos

Another landmark with deep history and archaeological value is Delos, right across the hotspot of the Cyclades, Mykonos. Delos is a UNESCO world heritage site and the only place in the whole world that features many monuments and antiquities from several periods, such as the Archaic, Hellenistic and Classical, especially to that extent. The island is also thought to have been the birthplace of the Olympian Gods Apollo and Artemis.

Pattinson Mykonos Luxury Villas TheGreekVillas

And what about your stay? But of course, Mykonos! Quite difficult to choose that one villa in Mykonos that will be your perfect match, but since we have to, we would opt for Villa Pattinson. A splendid property located in the quiet and serene area of Kanalia, the villa is ideal for total rejuvenation and relaxation as it offers several wellness amenities, such as a heated pool, a jacuzzi, a spa room, and a massage table, as well as a gym. The style of the villa follows the local architecture with its cubic, whitewashed formations and natural-stone façade, and a minimal yet heartwarming ambience for 14 guests.

Knossos, Crete

One of Greek mythology’s most popular sites, Knossos, is found on the island of Crete and constitutes the most important sample of the Minoan civilization. Another thing that has made Knossos so popular among archaeology and culture aficionados is how well-preserved the palace is, thus giving a good idea to visitors of how the Minoans lived. This is also the place where King Minos kept the legendary Minotaur incarcerated in the labyrinth, which eventually produced the famous tale about the mythical creature, Theseus and Ariadne.

Very close to Heraklion and Knossos Palace, you will find a spectacular home, Villa Clementine, that breathes in the endless sea horizon. An aristocratic home for 16 guests, this villa in Elounda enjoys a private spot and immaculate facilities: a boule court, a croquet lawn, a tennis court, a pool table, fitness & wellness amenities as well as a private chapel. The villa is ideal for special occasions or wedding events as, apart from the main house, it hosts a private cottage with its own kitchen, living, and dining area.

Venetian Castle of Paros

Another Cycladic site that attracts dozens of visitors each year is the Venetian Fortress of Paros, located at the old port of Naousa. Built by the Venetians to serve as a watching spot for enemies, nowadays only part of the building remains and is accessible by a short and narrow path from the shore. The location is quite idyllic as most bars and clubs are located right across and you will get this great view of the fortress, partially submerged in the sea, while sipping your cocktail.

Our top villa in Paros to enjoy your cultured holiday is Villa Blake. A serene sanctuary nestled within local flora and pine trees, in an otherwise mostly bare island destination, that will feel your soul with soothing images of the Aegean and some of the best holiday experiences of your life. The property can accommodate 6 guests, in a two-storey building. Guests here will unwind in utter privacy as the top floor is completely independent and autonomous with its own kitchenette, living room, and access to the terrace. Plus, the villa is only 50m from a small, tranquil cove.

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