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It’s widely known that love (and, we would add, euphoria) passes through the stomach and there is a good reason, especially when the destination is Greece! The country’s rich culinary tradition that has been amplified with gastronomic elements from the East – and the West- has created a legend around the renowned Greek cuisine that incorporates all the fundamentals of the healing Mediterranean diet topped with modern twists and exotic touches. But this culinary journey has so much more to manifest: embarking from this solid basis, cooks in Greece have evolved in Chefs of the World experimenting not only with traditional dishes but also tackling with foreign cuisines per se or fusioned to create amalgams of different cultures.


The Greek Villas team has always cherished the indispensable element of gastronomy that goes hand in hand with travelling and experiencing the substance of a land, whether it is a country or a specific region. As such, the holistic experience we offer our guests could not but include the “gastronomic tourism” (or “gastrotourism”, as we like to call it) adding to its concierge services, this fundamental aspect of living in Greece!
  • Private Chef
We have partnered with talented and passionate chefs that cherish the notions of creativity, quality and genuine hospitality. From experts in the Mediterranean cuisine, the Greek diet or any other international cuisine, we can cover your needs while you stay at any of our villas. And the purpose is double: relax and unwind carefree in your own private haven while the meals of your preference are being taken care of by a professional.
  • Cooking Lessons
Leveraging the concept of “gastrotourism” to a connoisseur level, we appreciate the notion of integrating the cultural identity of a place in your daily life. Whether it is a traditional Greek dish or a specific delicacy from the destination you have visited, our talented chefs can help you master the art of cooking like a Greek…and not only!  Literally, a “hands on” experience that helps you understand the basics of Greek cuisine. And, naturally, once you finish the class, you get to enjoy the meal you prepared.
  • Wine tasting
As a Mediterranean country with mild climate and warm temperatures, Greece has been among the top-notch worldwide wine producers for decades now. The art of “wining” has elevated to unknown heights from established wineries and newly arrived, experimental ones alike. Greek soils are diverse, but one thing is common: the earth here is blessed with fertility and loads of nutrients that make our vineyards fruitful and savoury. Wine you will have the chance to have your own private wine tasting sessions in the privacy of your villa from experienced sommeliers.

Private Chef

Cooking Lessons

Wine Tasting

Beach Picnic

Groceries Shopping

Restaurant Reservation

Whatever your idea of luxury, and however complex your requirements, we can put together a completely bespoke package of additional VIP concierge services in Greece. Our luxury villas offer more than just luxury, they offer a completely personalized experience.

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