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Alonissos Sporades

The Destination

Magical and unpretentious, Alonissos is the northern island of the Sporades island complex, in the Aegean Sea. A usually neglected island within Greece’s travel destinations, Alonissos has managed to preserve its authenticity and genuine character intact as well as its marvellous nature and bio diversity.

Alonissos is the home of the largest sea park in the entire Europe and the first one in Greece consisting, apart from the protected sea region and the island of Alonissos, six of the small islets found in the area: Peristera, Kyra Panagia, Psathoura, Piperi, Skatzoura and Gioura. One of the park’s main highlights is the protected seal species, Monachus Monachus, with a dedicated Mediterranean Monk Seal Care Center, unique in all the Mediterranean. This specializes in caring for the new born seals as well as a seal orphan house. A diversified variety of rare flora and fauna exists in the area of the Sea Park of Alonissos where have also been found various specimens of prehistoric, classical and byzantine civilizations.

The island also boasts a deep tradition in wine making; its first inhabitant, according to myths, was Stafylos, the son of God Dionysus and Ariadne thus Alonissos has held a longstanding history of viticulture.

According to archaeological findings on the mainland and sea region of Alonissos the island was the first place in the entire Aegean Sea to have been inhabited during the Neolithic period. In addition to that and according to Greek Mythology, Alonissos was the place from which Argo ship with the Argonauts and Jason sailed to Kolhida to take back the Golden Fleece and also the starting point of Achaens to Troy.



Alonissos Highlights

The Sea Park

The biggest Sea Park in Europe, Alonissos’ Sea Park is a place of unsurpassed environmental value and inimitable natural beauty. Hundreds of rare flora and fauna species take shelter in the park’s extend and visitors are welcome to swim, dive and explore all marvels of this unique place. The Sea Park is mostly famous for sheltering the rare seal Monachus – Monachus while it houses a special care unit for baby, orphan seals.


MOms Information Centre

Dedicated to preserving and protecting the rare Monachus – Monachus seal, the Mediterranean seal species, the organization MOm has founded the Information Centre for the public on Alonissos. An actual museum of scientific data, educational workshops and footage from the rare species ecosystem, the Information Centre operates from May to September and visitors will get informed of all aspects of the seal’s natural environment, its protection along with the actions the Centre takes to preserve this species under extinction.




Nature & Diving

Alonissos is one of few most unspoilt destinations in Greece as its touristic development has been quite low while the locals still think of their traditions and natural environment highly. As such, the place is a heaven for trekking within its lush vegetation and refreshing sceneries. Moreover, its geomorphology and its rich seabed, proof of which is that here exists the largest Sea park in Europe, make it ideal for snorkelling and scuba diving explorations.


Old Alonissos (Hora)

Due to the island’s authentic character, Alonissos’ villages boast a unique traditional architecture not only in the houses but also the streets, town squares and their entire town design. By far the most picturesque of all is the Old Alonissos. Small alleys, steep steps and stone-built houses surrounded by coloured flowers and vineyards while the village enjoys majestic views to the greater part of the island and the sea on both its sides. This is also where the old Castle is found.



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In Details

What to do & see on Alonissos

Alonissos is the ideal place to relax and empty your mind and soul from all stress and anxieties while getting back to nature.

Within this context, one of the must things when on Alonissos is to take a tour throughout its super-graphic settlements that are being traversed by its short road network that passes through the lush vegetation that floods the island.

Of course, dedicating a day (or even more) to visit the amazing Sea Park and take the chance to swim within its rare ecosystem and rich natural treasures is definitely something not to be missed! Take with you your camera and video recording equipment as the sights there are precious and should remain engraved in your memory forever. Also, absolutely visit the Information Centre by MOm to get an idea of what we should all do to preserve Monachus Monachus and learn all about this beautiful animal.

A day trip to the nearby island of Skopelos is highly recommended as Skopelos is a very charming island with a multitude of beaches and entertainment options.

Arranging a scuba diving session or even dedicating a few hours to explore the magnificent sea bed of the region, in various parts, is another one of your travel highlights while there is also infrastructure for those interested in trekking and adventure activities, while photography lovers will be enchanted by the island’s stunning sceneries. Finally, homeopathy lovers will be in heaven in Alonissos as the island holds a longstanding tradition in this field, and even an International Academy in Milia, due to the therapeutic herbs that grow here.

Finally, a day boat trip to the uninhabited nearby islands of Gioura, Kyra Panagia, Piperi, Ksiro, Skatzoura & Psathoura, will fill your mind with breathtaking images and a deep plunge to the area’s history and tradition.


Best beaches on Alonissos


Following a small foot path within lush pine trees you will reach the beautiful, non-organized beach of Milia featuring a sand and pebble coast and a sandy seabed with turquoise, clean waters. Milia is a long bay surrounded by stunning vegetation.


Hrisi Milia

Located at the south-eastern side of the island, Hrisi Milia is a popular beach divided in two by a few rocks in its middle. The coast and seabed are covered by golden sand and its waters are emerald. The beach is organized and easily accessible.


Megalos Mourtias

A charming, pebbly beach very near Patitiri, Megalos Mourtias is wide and long, surrounded by small fish taverns. The beach is easily accessible, even on foot by Patitiri, and organized while you’ll surely find free parts for some privacy.



One of the most impressive, non-typical Sporades beach on the island, Kokkinokastro features yellowish sand, lush greenery and red rocks that create a stunning colour palette. The beach’s landmark is the high, steep reddish cliff that immerses in the sea as a small cape.


Agios Demetrios

A tip of land with coast on both sides, this is indisputably the most beautiful beach on Alonissos due to its thin, white sand and tropical waters. Agios Demetrios is found on the eastern coast of the island and is non-organized although there is a beach bar.



A graphic, small settlement on the southern part of the island, Votsi is one of the most picturesque regions on the island. The small gulf also hosts fishing boats on its own side creating authentic island pictures. Very near Patitiri, this is an ideal coast for a quick swim.


Rousoum Gialos

Another coast very near Patitiri, ideal for families with young children, with beautiful white pebbles and emerald, clean waters. The beach is organized and also features some cafeterias and taverns while its proximity to Patitiri offers absolute comfort.



The largest beach at the northern part of the island, Tsoukalia features scattered remnants of ancient clay pots as there has been found the largest site of clay pot manufacturing that remains intact. The coast is pebbled and it is the best place to see the sunset.


Megali Ammos

The largest of a complex of small beaches, Megali Ammos is accessible through a dirt road and then on foot. The coast is sandy and pebbled and its seabed is quite interesting, ideal for snorkelling. The beach also offers natural shade from the olive trees in its backdrop.



A set of four beautiful completely isolated beaches, ideal for nudism as the ground rises at the edge of the coast creating a natural wall from the pine tree beneath it. The coast is mostly pebbled with some stones and its waters reflect the red soil and green pine colours.



A small, secluded cove at the southernmost part of the island, Vythisma is found at the end of a small foot path that follows a dirt road. Preferred by nudists the past few years due to its seclusion and intact nature. Dark grey pebbles and amazing waters!


Leftos Gialos

One of the most popular beaches on Alonissos and for a very good reason: exotic waters, clean and refreshing, umbrellas and sunbeds and delectable food in the charming restaurant right on the beach. Leftos Gialos is near Patitiri and also offers various sea activities and sports.


Tzortzi Gialos

A tranquil gulf with turquoise waters surrounded by thick, green carpeted hills and slopes. Amazing views within an utterly graphic scenery composed by a white coast, pine and olive trees, Tzortzi Gialos is considered to be one of the most romantic spots on the island.



Glyfa is one of the largest and most popular beaches on the island with easy access and ample parking space offering absolute comfort. It is organized with sunbeds and umbrellas, it offers various sea sports and its coast is pebbled while the sunbed is sandy.



How to get there

Alonissos I accessible by car from Athens and then a boat trip either by Kymi, Evia, Agios Konstantinos or Volos. Travellers from Athens should better select to drive to Kymi and then take the boat to Alonissos as this is the easiest and quickest route.

For those who prefer to travel by plane, only Volos features an airport, thus they can catch a flight from Athens to Volos and then a boat to Alonissos.

The island is also connected by boat to Skiathos and Skopelos.


Where to Stay

The island of Alonissos is a literal hidden gem, maybe the most precious in the entire Aegean Sea, as it boasts an unsurpassed natural environment and a well-preserved traditional character. The island offers a few accommodation options but not high-level hospitality services thus the best option in order to fully enjoy the trance-like ambience is to select a private holiday villa. The Greek Villas offer a sublime selection of luxurious private villas, villas with swimming pool and cosy holiday villas for discerned guests.

Feel free to contact us to find the best holiday villa for you.

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