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The Ultimate Luxury of Living


Lefkada Ionian Islands

The Destination

The ultimate luxury of living in perfect harmony with nature is what makes Lefkada’s visitors return to the island time and time again. With its fringed coastline and lush slopes that stretch all the way down to the Ionian, the landscape of Lefkada is incredibly seductive, especially to visitors when they arrive for the first time.

Lefkada is blessed with spectacular, world-renowned beaches of fine white sand, thin pebbles and turquoise waters, backed by lush slopes that create a mesmerising backdrop. Charming houses with terracotta roofs are sprinkled along a coastline bordered by olive and cypress trees that lean gently toward the sea.

Lefkada is the only Greek island, except Evia, that is accessible by car.  A 50m wide bridge stretches outwards from the island’s east coast, connecting it to the mainland. There, on the east coast, you will find the more developed areas, beautiful Nydri with its cosmopolitan flair, among them.
Further inland, nestled in its mountainous spine’s green slopes, Lefkada’s traditional farming villages paint a picture of rural bliss.


The Venetian castle of Agia Mavra

The medieval castle of Agia Mavra was built in 1300 AC to protect the island’s capital against the pirates. This well-preserved castle used to house a school, water tanks, hospitals, churches and the seat for politicians, among other buildings. Inside the castle, you will find the 15th-century church of Agia Mavra and the ruins of the shrine of Pantokrator, as well as a canon engraved with the name of its manufacturer.


Prehistoric city of Nirikos

Prehistoric Nirikos was the island’s first city, extending from the hilltops of Koulmos all the way down to the eastern coast. The ancient city was protected by walls, the ruins of which can now be found at the archaeological site of Nirikos, along with the ruins of two cemeteries, shrines, houses and other buildings.


Cape Lefkatas

Lefkada took its name but the white (lefko) rocks of Cape Lefkatas. Legend has it that poetess Sapfo threw herself from these rocks after the sea demon Phaon broke her heart. The towering white rocks emerge vertically out of the electric-blue sea, creating dramatic scenery that will leave you breathless.


Dimosari waterfalls

Creating scenery of awe-inspiring beauty, the waterfalls of Dimosari are perched in a gorge on the outskirts of Nidri. Leave your car at cafe Platanos and walk the path that winds through the lush forest leading to the waterfalls. Once you reach the biggest waterfall, you can cool off at the pool underneath it before you head back.

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In Details

What to do & see in Lefkada

Lefkada’s natural beauty makes it ideal for outdoor activities, and just driving around the island is an experience in itself. The beaches are heavenly and are often ranked among the world’s best.

There are many excellent hiking paths – the trail that runs through the gorge of Melissas and the path that leads to the waterfalls of Dimosari are among the best of them. There are also many excellent diving sites, thanks to the crystal clear waters and its rich seabed.

Lovers of kitesurfing and windsurfing will find that the beach of Mili, with its warm, smooth winds and turquoise waters, is a hotspot for high-flyers. Lefkada has a long yachting tradition, so if you happen to be here in September, you can experience the annual Ionian Regatta, one of the biggest yachting events in the Mediterranean.

Lefkada also boasts several charming villages, each with its distinct character.  The seaside village of Nidri is the island’s most popular resort. Wander around the alleys of the Old Town, have a coffee at the picturesque port, visit the museum to see relics from the Neolithic period and the archaeological site with the Byzantine and Roman tombs, and mingle with the cheerful crowd of locals and tourists in one of the numerous bars and restaurants.  Lefkada town, the main town and capital of the island, buzzes with activity.

Visit the monastery of Panagia Faneromeni, explore the Archaeological museum and the museum of Gramophones, and pick one of the many restaurants to try the island’s exquisite cuisine. For a taste of true rural life, lose yourself at the beautiful inland villages of Exanthia, Karia and Eglouvi and try the local delicacies at the family-owned tavernas.


Best beaches in Lefkada

Agiofili Ranks among the island’s best, with fine sand and turquoise waters. You can walk there or take the small boat that leaves from Vasiliki.

Agios Nikitas The small sandy beach of Agios Nikitas village. Close to cafes and tavernas, it is ideal for families with children.

Athani Stunningly beautiful and rather secluded. Remains blissfully quiet as it is does not have organized facilities and is rather difficult to access.

Dessimi A small, pebbly bay with crystal clear waters and natural shade. Rent a canoe to explore the sandy coves and caves along the coast.

Egremni Don’t let the steep staircase that leads down to the beach put you off…this is one of the most beautiful beaches you will ever see!

Gialos A stunning sandy bay with bright turquoise waters, located north of Egremni. It is popular with campers and has a cafe.

Gyra Popular for its soft white sand and dazzling turquoise waters. The beach is served by two tavernas and is family-friendly.

Kastro A stunning bay with crystal clear water, popular with tourists and locals alike, as it is close to the town of Lefkada.
Kathisma As beautiful as it is popular. Fine white sand, dazzling turquoise waters, a beach bar, sunbeds and even a camp site. Nudist friendly.

Mikros Gialos A charming beach nestled into the verdant bay of Poros village. Flat white pebbles, azure waters and a couple of tavernas and cafes. Ideal for families.

Mili A kite surfer’s paradise, with fine white sand, shallow turquoise waters and smooth, warm winds that make for perfect kite conditions.

Mylos Fine white sand, bright blue waters and trees that roll down all the way to the beach. Accessible only on foot or by sea.

Pefkoulia A long sandy stretch with dazzling waters, backed by a pine forest. Part of it is organized, and the lesser organised part is nudist-friendly.

Porto Katsiki This is one of the most photographed beaches in the world. Fine white sand and dazzling turquoise waters, although it does get rather hectic in the busier months.


How to get to Lefkada

There are no ferries connecting Lefkada to the mainland, however, you can get there by car or bus. The drive from Athens to Lefkada takes about 5 hrs. Alternatively, you can fly to the airport of Aktion/ Preveza and drive 30min to cross to the island.


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