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Calm, Serene and Authentic


Milos Cyclades

The Destination

A volcanic treasure with laced coastline, Milos is a marvel of minerals and the ultimate beach destination.

With more than 70 beaches and hidden coves, Milos is a stunning display of colours and formations leaving you wondering where on earth (or not) you are! Its unique geology, that is rich in natural minerals of all types, creates sceneries that resemble an art painting made by a godly hand.

Calm, serene and authentic, Milos has been highly underestimated as a touristic destination due to its nearby popular islands of Mykonos and Santorini. But this island is the utter authentic experience of the Cyclades offering countless beaches and isolated coves, stunning landscapes, extraordinary places like various old mining sites, delectable and authentic gastronomy and amazing traditional villages for endless explorations.

This is an island that calls for all nature lovers, as it also boasts a NATURA protected area, the wider Hivadolimni region, and those who want to experience the unexpected. Milos is a diversified land that hides striking beauties in each and every corner. The visitor here will be overwhelmed with a variety of sights as they won’t have to visit the same place twice even if on a long holiday.

This is the extent of this island’s natural beauty that it’s no wonder that the ancient Greek sculpture, the Aphrodite of Milos, was discovered here!


The catacombs

One of the three most important necropolis that has been discovered in Europe, Rome’s and Holy Land’s, the catacombs of Milos are believed to be even older than the ones of Rome. This was firstly a burial site for early Christians and then it also served as a worship place as well as a refugee from the Roman persecutors. Visitors can still see the engraved symbols of Christianity and Jesus’ symbol, the Pisces, on the rock walls while experiencing themselves the lucidity of this marvel of religion and not only.


A place where fishermen lived during old times, Syrmata is a phenomenon that is unique to the entire Greece. Simple, basic houses right on the seafront and nestled within the rocky formations of various areas on the island, the fishermen chose to live here because of the proximity to the sea. Their boats were drawn on shore through their water-level garages right in front of their house door. Syrmata still exists today and one can admire the art of simplicity and the diversified colours that decorate them. Not to mention the sound and scent of the sea that has overwhelmed their entire structure.


Plaka is Milos’ capital and boasts the Cycladic beauty that has been so loved not only by Greeks but also travellers from around the globe. Its cobbled narrow streets and alleys, its cubic houses and blossomed bougainvillaeas, create an alluring ambience so hard to resist. Add to that that this is the oldest village on the island perched between two high cliffs with stunning views to the port of Milos, and you won’t be able to leave Plaka. Moreover, cars are not allowed here, only bicycles, mopeds ad motorcycles, making it ideal for endless strolling and enjoying a coffee with amazing views and absolute calmness in one of its picturesque cafes.

Mines & Mining Museum

Various old mining sites are scattered throughout Milos adding to the multi-coloured, diversified landscape of the island. Due to the volcanic origin of Milos, various geological phenomena have produced numerous different minerals in the island’s underground making the island one of the most important suppliers of various minerals for common use as well as precious and semi-precious stones. The old mines create a lunar landscape in various parts of the island while the Mining Museum in Adamas, the island’s port, showcases its rich mining heritage.

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In Details

Milos offers endless options for all types of visitors, all needs and tastes. A place delved in history, tradition and striking sites of archaeological importance and natural marvels, Milos is the destination for the discerned traveller that wants the extraordinary.

The island’s coastline features some of the most dramatic sceneries and stunning beaches in entire Greece. Thus, a sailor boat trip around the island is a must-do when visiting Milos. There are some astounding coasts and spectacular sites for swimming that are only accessible by the sea.

For those who like to succumb in the warmth and invigorating qualities of Milos’ earth, the hot springs in Adamas are the place to visit before the daily explorations around the island or after a full day at the beach. Those mineral baths are believed to be utterly beneficial for the body and mind while they are believed to cure skin diseases.

Milos also boasts an amazing network of dirt roads and paths that traverse almost its entire extent. In fact, it is the biggest accessible network in all the Cyclades. Hiking aficionados will love the trajectories that lead to some of the island’s favourite attractions, like the Catacombs, the Ancient Roman Theatre and the monastery of Prophet Elias that offers breathtaking views. For off-roaders, Milos is also a dream destination due to its numerous dirt roads and the treasures they hide. In any case, on foot, 4X4 or by a conventional vehicle, Milos is an island that calls for discovery and visitors should definitely schedule one-day excursions to its most popular sites and amazing beaches.

Nature lovers can combine a day at the beach with exploring the island’s Natura region, the west part of the island. A place of outstanding natural beauty that hosts rare species of birds, the wild goats of Antimilos, one of the rarest species on the entire planet, the red viper Vipera, the cypress forest and many more types of flora and fauna are indigenous to this part of the island. Within this marvel of nature, the beautiful beach of Hivadolimni is found offering relaxation and sun-kissed beach time after a day full of discoveries.

Best beaches in Milos

Kleftiko Tropical waters and volcanic high cliffs in almost extra-terrestrial formations are the highlights of Kleftiko which is only accessible by sea. This place is utterly calm and untouched while its clean, transparent waters invigorate the mind and body.

Firi Plaka A complex of three beaches, one organized and two secluded ones, Firi Plaka is embraced by the high volcanic cliffs and features a coast with thin grey sand and white pebbles soaked by emerald, clean waters.

Sarakiniko Resembling a hand painting by Dali that came to life in an unconventional sculpture, Sarakiniko is a setting like no other. White lunar-like rocks that emerge into the sea create numerous coves while moonlit nights there are just cinematic!

Hivadolimni The biggest beach on the island, Hivadomni was named after the lake next to it which is full of seashells. Thin, white sand, light blue, shallow waters and an additional two isolated beaches, Hivadolimni is definitely a must-visit.

Paleohori One of the most popular and vibrant beaches on the island, just a few minutes’ drives from Adamantas. A coast of 2 km with coarse sand, coloured pebbles and deep, refreshing waters that is adorned by a backdrop of multicoloured high cliffs.

Tsigrado A small and narrow cove surrounded by white rock formations, Tsigrado boasts thin white sand and tropical waters. Accessible through a steep pathway, the beach is non-organized offering priceless moments of beach life.

Sykia Sykia is a cave without ceiling which creates magnificent games of water and sunbeams. Visitors can only access Sykia by sea entering a short rocky entrance. If you are lucky to be alone, this will be the zenith of your summer relaxation.

Ammoudaraki A cute, calm non-organized beach found in the mid-western part of the island, Ammoudaraki features a coast of greyish coarse sand and crystal-clear waters offering absolute calmness as access is only feasible through a dirt road or by the sea.

Agios Ioannis A stunning scenery of volcanic rocks in white, yellow and orange colours resembling watercolour art, Agios Ioannis boasts yellow-ish sand and is accessible by a 12km dirt road. Adjacent to the main, two completely isolated coves are found.

Sulfur Mines Are Also known as Triorichia this coast with yellow-ish pebbles lays at the foot of the old mines’ installations. The remnants of the old sulfur mines at the background create an utterly unique scenery that takes you back in time.

Gerontas The longest beach of south Milos, Gerontas is accessible by an earth road and then a 10-minute walk. An imposing rock forming a bridge that unites the high cliffs with the sea make Gerontas one of the most picturesque beaches on Milos.

Pahena Another stunning beach due to its unique rock formations and a large coast of grey-ish sand and tamarisk trees. Pahena is easily accessible and recommended for those who do not wish to be cut off from all civilization.

Papafragkas A complex of three caves and a narrow cove, Papafragkas is another unique landscape of this amazing island. Greenish waters surrounded by high rocks and a difficult, steep path leading there are promising absolute seclusion and privacy.

Alogomandra Crystal clear, light blue waters, whitish sand and a long, wide coast that resembles a yard, ideal for those who want relaxation and calmness as the coast is not visible from the road, thus not very crowded.

Gerakas Only accessible by boat Gerakas is a coast of exceptional natural beauty and total seclusion. The backdrop of the narrow sandy coast consists of steep, high cliffs formed by both volcanic rocks and white sand.


How to get to Milos

Located at the southwestern border of the Cyclades, Milos is easily accessible by boat from Athens’ main port, Piraeus. The trip lasts about 4 hours with high-speed boats and about 8 hours with conventional boats. Milos also features an airport with flights coming from Athens International Airport around 3 times a week. The island is not connected by plane with other European countries, but travellers can choose to fly to the nearby Santorini or even Paros and then take a boat to Milos.

The island is also connected to other nearby islands by ferries, such as Ios, Folegandros, Santorini, Paros and many more.


Although Milos is not one of the most advertised holiday destinations in the Cyclades, the island boasts a great variety of accommodation options including luxurious private villas. Travelers to Milos will be amazed by the numerous natural beauties of this place and would want to be on the road all day to discover them all. And what best than to return to a private villa with swimming poolafter a day’s adventures? Combining the utterly memorable experience of Milos with a holiday villais the best way to fully enjoy your holidays here. As always, The Greek Villas team is your expert guide when it comes to selecting aholiday villa to renton Milos that will be your perfect fit!

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