The Ultimate Tinos Island Travel Guide


Tinos Cyclades

The Destination

Tinos is one of the biggest and more developed islands of the Cyclades, yet it has managed to grow gracefully, its architectural style contrasting with the wild beauty of the landscape. Tinos is split by a mountainous backbone that looms in the background over its whitewashed houses, overlooking the Aegean and the neighbouring islands.

The island’s town is dominated by the famed church of Panagia Evagelistria, a place of pilgrimage for the orthodox Christians. Moving away from the somewhat touristy waterfront, the island boasts pretty settings of verdant hills, a stunning coastline and 40 quaint villages sprinkled across its interior and the coast.

Tinos has been producing marble and sculptors since ancient times. The island also has a long tradition in craftsmanship, the local marble used in the intricate ornamentation of buildings and dovecotes that are scattered around the island.


Panagia Evagelistria

The star-attraction that dominates the island’s picturesque town. Legend has it that the church was built on the spot where the icon of Virgin Mary was found, after a vision of St Pelagia. The icon is believed to have healing powers, thus the annual pilgrimage every 15th of August.

Temple of Poseidon

In ancient times, Tinos was an important centre of worship for the God of the seas Poseidon and his wife Amphitrite, goddess of fertility. At the seaside area of Kionia lie the finds of the temple of Poseidon and Amfitriti, including the remnants of two shrines as well as sculptures and ornaments that once decorated the temples.

The art of sculpting

If you are interested in sculpture, Tinos is sure to leave you in awe. Visit Pirgos, the village of prominent sculptor Giannoulis Chalepas with its marble-ornamented houses and the imposing graveyard, the Museum of Marble Crafts and the Cultural Foundation of Tinos which hosts concerts, film screenings, exhibitions and a permanent display of the work of Giannoulis Chalepas.


Volax is a small village hidden away in the interior of the island. Its eerie granite boulders, scattered around the area, have been puzzling geologists for decades. Nowadays the village is scarcely inhabited, the few people who live there carrying on a long tradition of basket-making -you can visit the workshops and buy handmade baskets.

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In Details

Chora’s cobbled main street, edged with shops selling religious memorabilia on either side, leads up to the Church of Panagia Evagelistria. The buildings around the church house the Museum of Tinian Artists, an exhibition of icons and religious relics, an art gallery and an exhibition of works by Andonios Sochos.

The archaeological museum features find from the excavations at the temple of Dimitra in Xobourgo, as well as statues and pieces from the temple of Poseidon and Amfitrite.

Tinos boasts 40 villages, each with its own distinct character. Visit the traditional village of Koumaros to have a coffee at the traditional kafenio – you will probably have to prepare the coffee yourself and then leave money at the wooden desk because there is no landlord.

Head to the charming mountain villages of Volax, Xinara, Smardakito and Falatado. Krokos is a diminutive village with an eerie atmosphere and Xobourgo is home to the Convent of Sacred Heart.

Being a religious centre, Tinos has countless churches and monasteries that are scattered around the island. Visit the convent of Agia Pelagia close to Arnados, the convent of Ursulines in Loutra and the monastery of Jesuits the shrine of Agios Iosif has closed down, but you can visit the folklore museum with objects from island’s everyday life.

Aside from sightseeing, Tinos has a local cuisine that is among Greece’s best, as well as an array of colourful bars where you can sip cocktails under the stars. For outdoorsy types, Tinos has a long network of hiking trails and two excellent surfing spots.

Best beaches in Tinos

Agios Fokas The largest and one of the most beautiful beaches of the island. Beach-bars, tavernas, watersports – everything you need.

Agios Ioannis Porto One of the island’s most popular beaches and once the port of Tinos. Fine sand, dazzling waters, pine-trees and a beach bar.

Agios Markos A charming pebbled cove with crystal clear waters, protected from the fierce northern winds.

Agios Romanos A large beach with sand, crystal clear waters and natural shade. From there, you can walk to the secluded beach of Apigania.

Agios Sostis A popular sandy stretch with sparkling clear waters with views over to Mykonos. The beach is well-protected from the winds.

Kionia A pebbled bay backed by pine-trees close to the archaeological site of the Temple of Poseidon and Amfitrite.

Kolibithra This large beach is a popular surfing spot. The small one is a sandy bay protected by the winds and served by a taverna.

Lichnaftia A gorgeous bay with sand and pebbles, natural shade and dazzling emerald waters, with views towards Mykonos.

Livada A gorgeous landscape of a river that spills into the sea, forming small pools, and rocks sculpted by the winds. Gets quite rough when there is a northern wind.

Mali A charming cove at the northwest of the island, with a few houses, a pebbled shore and dazzling emerald waters.

Pachia Ammos A stunning and popular beach with coarse golden sand, sand-dunes and bright emerald waters.

Santa Margarita A quiet sandy bay that took its name from the nearby catholic chapel. Remains quiet even during peak season.


How to get to Tinos

There are ferries to Tinos leaving from the ports of Piraeus (5 hrs) and Rafina (3 hrs). Alternatively, you can fly to Mykonos and catch a ferry from there the trip lasts 30min.


Either within its popular Chora or scattered throughout its untouched extend, all luxury villas in Tinos will make guests dive deep into the spiritual serenity of the island. A destination well suited both for families and adventure lovers, Tinos is all ready to welcome visitors through a superb selection of holiday villas to rent.

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